Under the auspices of the Modellflugsportverband Deutschland e.V., Hall 26 (Outdoor & Fitness) will be the venue for the first World Cup event of the International Air Sports Federation FAI on European soil. Over 100 participants from 10 nations are expected to take part - some of them from overseas.

Drone soccer combines play and aerial maneuvers and is particularly popular with the younger generation. The sport originated in South Korea and is becoming increasingly popular worldwide. The game is played in a kind of cage on two opposite goals. The aim is to fly through the opponent's goal and score points. This promises action and excitement for the spectators at the ABF.

The broad spectrum of model flying at the ABF

The Modellflugsportverband Deutschland e.V. is the national sports association for model flying and will be demonstrating the broad spectrum of model flying at its first participation at the ABF. In addition to a large exhibition of various model airplanes, representatives of the model flying clubs from the Hanover region will provide an insight into this versatile hobby. ABF's younger guests will also get their money's worth and can build and paint small gliders under expert supervision.

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