Where else can you find that? An enchanting world to marvel at, discover and admire? Bee lovers can experience all this in their garden, in the nearby countryside or in their apiary. The Burgwedel-Isernhagen Beekeepers' Association explains at the B.I.G. how you too can enjoy this and at the same time make an important contribution to the preservation of bee colonies.

Beekeeping is a fascinating hobby for young and old. It is particularly popular with retired people, as it is both a meaningful and fascinating activity after an active working life. Bees sharpen the view of nature and ecology. New insights enrich the personality. Young people are also increasingly discovering this hobby for themselves. The Burgwedel-Isernhagen Beekeepers' Association is particularly active in this area, with members taking their bees to kindergartens, nurseries and schools. Or the groups come directly to our apiaries. We offer beekeeping taster courses for children and young people.

As the pollination service provided by bees is much more important to the economy than traditional bee products such as honey, wax, pollen and propolis, beekeeping receives special attention. The Burgwedel-Isernhagen Beekeepers' Association keeps over 1,500 bee colonies. This represents an economic benefit of more than €4 million per year. In Germany, only around 3% of beekeepers are full-time beekeepers. Most bee colonies are looked after by "hobby beekeepers" with an average of 3-10 colonies. This makes the work of beekeeping associations all the more important. The Landesverband Hannoverscher Imker e.V. has 130 beekeeping associations, which are organized in 30 district beekeeping associations. This is a community of around 9,000 beekeepers with over 58,000 bee colonies. At the B.I.G., the association presents its work and provides information about the fascination of beekeeping in the Garden Forum.