Come along to Hall 26 and get to know the varied program: Jumping, running, romping, playing with and without your parents - the 96 Kindersport and Fit & Kids team will present you with a variety of exercise options.

This is the 96 Kids Sports

The colourful program of climbing, children's gymnastics, ball games, soccer, trampolining and swimming offers something for every passion. Vacation camps, the popular children's sports school and offers for babies can also be found in the club center and in sports halls throughout the city. Babies from the age of eight weeks start in PEKiP at Hannover 96, and children progress to their first sports lessons without parents via the Crawling Athletes (3-6 months), the Baby Athletes (6-18 months) and the Diaper and Combination Athletes (1-5 years). These are, for example, the Dwarf Athletes or FunFootball from the age of three. There are also trampolining, climbing, ball games and parkour for older children. The children's sports school starts for children from pre-school and offers an insight into many types of sport up to fourth grade.

The interdisciplinary and expert coaching team infects the children with their own enthusiasm for exercise and conveys the non-performance-based joy of sport. At the ABF, they can already gain an initial insight.